Engagement cakes

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By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 18th October 2019

Engagement cakes


We have made many engagement cakes over the many years we have been making cakes. By far the most popular designs are those which have a ring box topper.

The ring box is made entirely from sugar and therefore edible. The boxes come in may sizes from a large cube where the cake is the ring box to 2 inch icing cube.

The boxes can be in any colour and the icing rings gold or silver.

This cake in the picture has a white ring box with silver details and two gold rings with a dove made from sugar. The ring box sits on a cushion shaped cake decorated with white icing with a quilted pattern. The quilt pattern  has silver sugar beads in it and there is a silver rope round the middle of the "cushion" with silver tassels on the corners. This is a particularly lovely design.

The ring boxes can sit on top of any shape of cake: round, square, petal or hexagon.

All of our cakes are bespoke, baked with love using only the best quality ingredients.

As well as engagement cakes we also make  wedding cakes