We are able to print an edible picture or photo on to your cake.

The image is printed in edible colour onto a sheet of icing and then cut out and laid onto the cake.

Images can be of people, animals, football logos, favourite beer logo or car. Provide us with the image you would like on the cake, it can be a photo, a picture or send it in an email. The image needs to be high resolution and upto A4 size. We will print the picture as you send it to us, we don't resize the images.

Cakes with edible images are priced according to size and other decoration on the cake.

If you have baked your own cake and just require the edible image, please email us your image and we will print it for you. We don't post these, they are for collection only.

For an A4 icing sheet with a printed image the price is £9.00