Each cake is unique and designed to your specification and therefore individually priced. Prices are based on the size and complexity of the design.

The table below gives an indication of prices for a celebration victoria sponge cake, layered with jam and buttercream, covered with couture icing and wording of your choice.

Size                       Number of portions         Price

6 inch                                    8-10                 £65

7 inch                                  12-16                 £70

8 inch                                  20-30                 £75

9 inch                                  30-40                 £80

10 inch                                40-50                 £85

12 inch                                60-70                 £105  

14 inch                                90-100               £125


Wedding cakes

Please follow the link to see our guide to cake servings

Prices start from £160 for a 1 tier cake

                           £290          2 tiers

                           £390          3 tiers

Wedding cake prices

Delivery of wedding cakes to local venues is free and to venues outside this area there is a small charge depending on distance. Local venues don't cost as much in time to get there and fuel costs. Venues further away will take more time and fuel and therefore this will impact the price of the cake. Some smaller wedding cakes are easier to transport than others and it is possible for you to collect your cake and take it with you to your venue. this will help to keep the cot of you cake down. We can advise if your chosen design is an option for self delivery.

The price of a wedding cake depends on a variety of factors, those being. the number of tiers, the size of the tiers, the number of guests attending the wedding,the cake design, cake flavours, additional decorations, dellivery and venue location.

The cost of ingredients, plus the cost of production, including electricity, gas and water, is taken into account when pricing a cake. The time spent in baking and decorating a cake is where the bulk of the cost comes from. It takes many hours of work to create a beautiful cake. 

Buttercream finished cakes with little decoration will take less time to create than a fondant covered cake with intricate details and decorations and are therefore less expensive.

Handmade sugar flowers look beautiful but are time consuming to make and the type of icing used to make these is quite expensive as it is a specialist product that needs to be, initially, flexible but also dry hard for the flowers to hold their shape. If your chosen design incorporates many sugar flowers this will be reflected in the price for the cake. Many couples opt for artificial flowers on their cake, this is a slightly cheaper option than the sugar flowers as there isn't time spent in producing them. However, good quality artificial flowers are also expensive, and again for large amounts of artificial flowers the price for the cake will increase.

The cake flavour will also have a bearing on the price of the cake. Fruit cakes are the most expensive cake to make. The cost of dried fruits, raisens, currants etc is very high. Chocolate sponges are again more expensive than victoria sponge or lemon sponge, the cost of top quality belgian, chocolate callets continues to rise.

I have a variety of cake stands for hire, including crystal pillars, cupcake towers and a water fountain.

A deposit is required to confirm your order. If you need to cancel your order 3 months notice is required for a refund of the deposit, otherwise the deposit is non-refundable. Please see our terms and conditions.