Nikkah cakes

Cakes are an essential part of every celebration including weddings.

The nikkah cake is an essential part of the nikkah celebration. If your event is quite intimate with a smaller number of guests, there is no need for a large cake but if there are going to be many guests at the event then a larger cake will be needed. Nikkah cakes are often cushion-shaped cakes, perhaps with a ring box with a ring on the top, these can be a single tier or, for larger events, can be two or three tiers. But there isn’t a set design for a nikkah cake. The design can be whatever the couple likes, a single-tier cake decorated with flowers, a tiered cake with ornate decorative details, a cake with colours reflecting the bride’s clothing and/or venue décor or a white cake with gold accents. The choice is infinite and down to personal preference. You can see some of our nikkah cakes in the nikkah cake gallery.

Cake flavours are also down to personal preference. The most popular cake flavour is a victoria sponge with strawberry jam and buttercream filling. But many couples choose their favourite cake flavour for their nikkah cake. Other popular flavours are lemon sponge, salted caramel, chocolate sponge and red velvet sponge. If having a multi-tiered cake each tier can be a different flavour. This provides the guest with more choices.

If you require a free-from cake please let us know. We can make glute-free, egg-free, dairy-free and vegan cakes. However, it is important to note that all of our cakes are prepared in a environment where nuts, wheat flour, dairy products and eggs are used and therefore we cannot guarantee nut, gluten, dairy and egg free. If the allergy is severe it is recommended you purchase your cake from a bakery which only produces free-from cakes.

The cake can be personalised with the couples names or initials on a mesage on the cake and the date can also be featured on the cake. 

As the cake is such an integral part of the event some couples choose to hire a cake stand to elevate the cake and make it a focal point for the celebration. There are a variety of cake stands that can be used to display the cake ranging from a simple gold or silver base stand to a more elaborate tall stand with a water fountain underneath. Chandelier stands are popular with the upside-down cake which hangs from a metal stand; as are crystal stands which have lights around the central pillar and the lights shine through the crystals. A flower base is another option for a cake stand, with the flower colours complimenting the colours of the flowers on the cake or the flowers decorating the venue. We also hire out a hoop cake stand which alsays looks beautiful.

How do I order my cake?


There are several ways to order your cake from us.


Order online


Order over the telephone


Order in person at our studio


Order through Facebook or Instagram


Order via WhatsApp


To order online


View our extensive range of cakes in the cake galleries on our website.


Use the contact us form on the website. Please include details of the date, the size of cake required and pictures of the designs you like.


We will send you prices for your preferred designs.


Once you have decided on the design you would like and cake flavours and are ready to book your cake, we will send you details for payment. The deposit to confirm your order is £100 for wedding cakes and £25 for other celebration cakes. The deposit amount may vary depending on the value of the cake being ordered. On receipt of the deposit, the date is booked for your cake. 

Payment of a deposit is confirmation you have read and accepted our terms and conditions.