Birthday cakes for men


Birthday cakes can be whatever you would like. Look at our photo gallery to see the range of cakes our clients have requested. 

All of our cakes are baked fresh to order using the best quality ingredients. You can choose from a range of different flavours, please look at the cake flavours page. The most popular flavours for birthday cakes are the vanilla victoria sponge cake with jam and buttercream filling and the rich chocolate cake, made with real Belgian chocolate. Visit the flavours page to see the full range of our cake flavours.

Character cakes can be based on a hobby or pastime, a favourite football team or to reflect a special holiday or event.

If you have a photograph you would like on your cake send us the picture and we can incorporate it into the design - See photo cake page for more details. The higher the resolution of the image you send the better the picture will print on the icing. The picture i printed in edible ink onto an icing sheet.

Please send pictures via email, facebook, instagram or whatsapp of the designs you  like, the date the cake is for, how many people the cake is to serve  and any addiional information and we will price the cakes for you.

More information can be found on our home page

Special dietary needs, including gluten free, egg free, dairy free  and vegan can be accommodated.

All cakes are prepared in an environment where nuts, gluten, eggs and dairy are used. Therefore we cannot gaurantee nut, gluten, egg and dairy free, there may be traces. If you have a high level of allergy we don't recommend purchasing one of our cakes.

Please note: We sometimes use a piece of dry spaghetti, lolipop strick or cocktail stick for support in sugar figures. These should be removed from the cake before eaating.