Scorpion cake

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By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 17th March 2014

Here is the scorpion cake, I hope you like it.

The body of the scorpion is not very big and there would not have been enough cake to eat so I baked 2 cakes and shaped one to resemble a sand dune and the other was carved into the shape of the scorpion's body.

I made a large batch of modelling chocolate and used some of it to to cover the scorpions body. I then inserted a cake dowel through the scorpion's body and the sand dune cake and put the first 2 tail segments, made from modelling chocolate, onto the dowel. The rest of the tail was shaped from one piece of modelling chocolate and attached to the base of the tail with melted dark chocolate. The legs and pincers were shaped from the modelling chocolate and attached with melted chocolate.

A large quantity of chocolate was used to make this cake and I rather think it would have been even more delicious than usual.

Next week I will be making a Fiat 500