How to keep wedding costs down

By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 24th April 2015

The most effective way to cut the cost of your wedding is to invite less people. Most of the things you will be paying for are on a per person basis such as invitations, food, favours, champagne...

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Chair covers and sashes hire

By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 13th April 2015

We now supply chair covers and sashes.

When ordering your wedding cake from us why not order your venue dressing at the same time. We can dress the chairs at your venue at the same time as...

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New Mehndi cake designs

By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 9th April 2015

I have always enjoyed making mehndi cakes, the designs, patterns and colours are stunning.

Over the last few weeks I have been working on some new designs and here is the first of them. This is a...

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By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 8th February 2015

When ordering your cake you can now order the catering from us.

We have a range of menus to choose from and choices within the menus.

Our homemade quiches are extremely popular and there are...

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Aston Martin car cake with LED lights

By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 29th December 2014

Finally, I have the photographs of the Aston Martin car cake with LED lights. This cake was a challenge, but as usual was a complete success.

The lights were inserted into the cake and the wires...

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Aston Martin car with LED headlights.

By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 21st December 2014

We moved house last week and still haven't finished unpacking because I have been really busy, as usual, with the cakes.

Last week I made a cake in the shape of an Aston Martin to be delivered to...

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How to set a wedding budget

By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 14th November 2014

Decide roughly how many guests will be attending your wedding.

Ring around 3 different suppliers for each item on your list to get an average price.

Add it up and ask yourself if this is...

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Hanging chandelier wedding cake

By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 21st September 2014

This is my second hanging chandelier wedding cake. Interest in this type of cake is growing and I expect to have many more booked in before too long. This style of cake comes from the USA and is...

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Why choose a wedding consultant

By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 14th September 2014

Over the past 10 years the number of couples who choose to work with a wedding consultant/planner has increased significantly. People are often too busy coping with the demands of their...

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Hanging wedding cake

By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 30th August 2014

Last week I delivered a wedding cake to a venue I have been to many times before. This venue is beautiful and well organised, the wedding cake table is always ready for me when I go and I was very...

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