Water fountain wedding cake

By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 27th April 2019

Water fountain wedding cakes are increasingly popular they add and extra dimension to your cake making the cake absolutely unique. Add some crystals and it is a stunning display.

The cake in the picture looked beautiful, the bottom tier was hexagon shaped with 3 round cakes above and two crystal separators inbetween the tiers. the whole cake sits on a crystal bedecked stand and the water fountain sits beneath.

The colours on the cakes can be changed to suit your wedding theme and there are limitless possibilities for the decoration on the cakes.

Each tier can be a different flavour or all the same flavour. The most popular flavours are: victoria sponge, red velvet, chocolate, pink velvet, lemon and salted caramel but we also make many other flavours. This cake had different flavours for each tier.