Hour glass shaped wedding cake

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By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 8th April 2018

Our most recent design.

We made this cake for a wedding two days ago. The bottom tier was a 16 inch hexagon red velvet sponge and the second tier a 14 inch hexagon victoria sponge, both these cakes were 5 inches tall. The hour glass shaped tier was 12 inces tall, the sphere 10 inches and the top cake 4 inches.  The whole cake stood 3 feet tall and looked fabulous when set up on the dance floo at the venue.

Transporting this cake was a challenge, the bottom two tiers together weighed an enormous amount and it took two people to lift it. The height of the hour glass tier meant the box it was transported in had to be secured with string to keep it from toppling. 


However the cake arrived at the venue, unscathed and was the centre piece for the event.