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By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 11th April 2020

Large, elaborate and bespoke wedding cakes can be quite expensive and many cost conscious couples are looking for a beautifully crafted cake which tastes delicious but also fits within their wedding budget.

At Fancy cakes by Rachel we are currently working on a new range of cakes which will be fantastic value for money.

The new range will consist of 2 or 3 tier cakes, decorated with white icing, some royal icing piped details and/or artificial flowers. The cake can be customised to the wedding colour theme by adding coloured ribbon or coloured flowers. 

There is a choice of cake flavours:

Victoria sponge with strawberry conserve and creamy buttercream filling

Lemon sponge with lemon buttercreaam filling

Belgian chocolate sponge with creamy buttercream filling

Red velvet sponge with creamy buttercream filling

For cakes from our budget range we do not do wedding cake consultations. If you would like to try the cake flavours before ordering your cake we can post cake samples to you. The price for this is £12.00

The cakes will be boxed and ready for you to collect the day before your wedding or delivered to your home address the day before your wedding at an agreed time. There is a delivery charge of £30 for home delivery, this price may vary depending on distance.

The cake sizes for 3 tiers are 10, 8 and 6 inch, serving around 170 small servings and is £240

The cake sizes for 2 tiers are10 and 8 inch, serving around 110 small servings and is £180.

We will be publishing the new range within the next few days.