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By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 11th January 2014

Here is one of my new 2014 wedding cake designs.

The cake is  4 tiers and each tier is a different flavour. The bottom tier is madeira with jam and buttercream filling, the second tier is rich chocolate with a creamy chocolate ganache filling, the next tier is white velvet with vanilla buttercream filling and the top tier is red velvet with a vanilla buttercream filling. Absolutely delicious.

I should just say a little bit about the jam I use in the wedding cakes. I grow a lot of soft fruit in my garden and in the summer there is so much of it that we cannot eat it all so I make jam, lots of jam. The fruit; blueberries, raspberries, red currants and blackcurrants is all organic and the recipe I use is a reduced sugar recipe.We love this jam and so do all my customers who have tried it. This year it has been so popular that supplies are running low and probably won't last until this years crop. However this isn't a problem because I also use a very good quality strawberry jam.

The cake is covered with a turqoise blue icing and decorated with flowers in various shades of blue, piped pearls and  tiny, vegetarian, silver balls which are lifted individually onto the cake using tweezers. It is not a quick cake to make, many hours of work have gone into creating this beautiful cake. I hope you like it.

More new designs to follow.