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Finding Posts For: June 2014

Crystal wedding cakes

By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 21st June 2014

I began making the crystal wedding cakes just over a year ago and they have been incredibly popular. The initial investment in the cake stands was very high. They are not produced in this country...

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Multi-coloured cake pops

By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 15th June 2014

I have just finished making 125 cake pops and I can't believe how long it took to make them. They are really fiddly.

Firstly the cake has to be crumbed and mixed with buttercream, then rolled...

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Hanging chandelier wedding cake

By Fancy Cakes By Rachel | 3rd June 2014

Is this the first chandelier wedding cake in Manchester?

When my client asked if I made hanging wedding cakes my initial reaction was "What on Earth". However I googled hanging cakes and found...

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